Let me start off by saying that Cachet is the best!! I’ve been considering my options regarding a career change and I needed some sound advice. I sought out Cachet after receiving a referral. We discussed my thought process and the options I laid on the table. Cachet asked me pointed questions to make me think through things from a strategic point of view. She also provided guidance on how to tackle making the best decision to help me reach my ultimate goal.

Because of Cachet’s help, I am moving forward with starting my own business! Her recommendations were on point and on time. I am forever grateful for meeting Cachet and being a recipient of her knowledge and coaching. I look forward to recommending her to others and continuing to work with her in the future!

Arnita Craighead

Owner, The Motiv8ing Factor

Cachet is an awesome business coach! She helped me finish my business plan and gave me some helpful advice on the entire entrepreneurship process. She definitely helped me to fill in the gaps and connect the dots and gave me great tips and advice! I would recommend Cachet to anyone looking for professional career guidance or any future entrepreneurs.

Martine Devoe

Owner, Devoe Career Services

Finding balance in my role as a wife, mother, and a business woman was my challenge. The fear of neglecting my responsibility of all the demands that come with these roles needed expect attention from another business woman who can relate to my concerns. Cachet challenged me to revamp my daily schedule by reprioritizing and putting the focus back on what’s matters most. Creating weekly goals together helped out as my accountability partner to establish weekly accomplishments. We established a time management plan to create balance in my life that I desired. Remembering there’s a season for everything to take place which helped me become realistic about my business goals.

Cachet has such an enchanting spirit to help others achieve their goals. Let it be finding employment, resume building, starting a new career, or a new business journey, Cachet Prescott has the knowledge, experience, and skills to help you achieve Winning! I am so glad that I found Cachet to help me start my business journey as an emerging designer!

Tabatha Williams

Owner, CuroBella

When I began my job search, I thought I just needed my resume updated and revamped. With the task of making the connection between my diverse job titles, Cachet worked her magic to draw out and highlight my relevant skills and accomplishments for the position I was applying for. In addition to reworking my resume, she provided me with helpful interview skills training, coached me through mock interviews and provided useful feedback. Overall, she gave me the tools to show that I was the best candidate for the job, and I can happily report that I was offered and accepted the position!

In working with Cachet, I received a career coach who offered real guidance and genuine support and was just as invested in my success as I was. I can say without hesitation that I will continue using her services for all my future professional endeavors.

Stephanie Johnson

Higher Education Professional