Are You My Client?

My clients are AMAZING individuals who each come to me with unique stories and concerns, and while their paths may differ, there are a few common factors that make our partnerships so effective. They:

  • Are ready to make a change in their lives.
  • Are coachable.
  • Are realistic, understanding that this is a process and nothing will happen overnight.
  • Are honest with themselves and with me throughout our partnership.
  • Are motivated to take charge of their needs and understand that what they put into this is what they’ll get out of it.
  • Are open and committed to the process, change and objective feedback.
  • Are proactive and willing to do the necessary work to achieve their goals.
  • Are accountable to themselves and for their actions.
  • Understand that coaching is an investment and are willing to invest in themselves.

My Clients Usually Identify As:

  • High-achieving introverts, HSP + empaths
  • Quiet leaders, entrepreneurs + creatives
  • The gifted, the shy, the reserved + the misunderstood
  • Family and loved ones who want to better understand and connect with the quiet soul in their lives

What Do We Work On?

During our time together, we work toward increased self-awareness to ultimately:

  • Recognize, embrace and ignite your quiet superpowers.
  • Move in the world with greater confidence and operate in your greatness.
  • Identify and break through self-imposed boundaries and limiting beliefs to affect personal change.
  • Define success on your terms for purposeful achievement in career and life.

Does this sound like YOU?

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Coaching Packages

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Life + Leadership Coaching Areas

  • Career
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Mindset
  • Success