Competition is at an all-time high today …

… and the advent of the internet, cell phones, tablets and social media has made it way too easy for us all to get stuck in the trappings of comparison and self-doubt.

With the pressures of achievement weighing heavy on their shoulders and confidence levels waning, students are overwhelmed, stressed out and burned out.

Academic life coaching allows you to express openly yourself and your thoughts (without judgment) AND proactively put plans in place for forward movement and thriving as a confident scholar.

How can an Academic Life Coach help you (or the student in your life) put your best foot forward and thrive?
  • Work through self-limiting beliefs to boost self-confidence and/or assertiveness.
  • Tap into your inner motivation to move to action and get things done.
  • Successfully navigate social interactions and integration.
  • Set effective goals + establishing priorities.
  • Develop tools to manage academic and life stressors.
  • Adopt a resilient spirit to overcome setbacks.
  • Develop powerful personal leadership habits (self awareness, self management and self mastery) to successfully lead yourself.
  • Establishing valuable study habits and/or time management.
  • Embrace change to make seamless transitions (i.e. entering high school, college or the “real” world; transferring schools).

Virtual academic life coaching* is available for:

  • Middle Schoolers (grades 6-8); parents are free to join (if preferred).
  • High Schoolers
  • College Students 
  • Adult Learners

*Coaching is available virtually via Zoom video conferencing.

Ready to get to work with your built-in personal coach, accountability partner and mentor?