Hey, You! I’m Cachet…

And I’m a quiet soul just like you. I identify as an introvert (an INFJ to be exact), a highly sensitive person (HSP) and a quiet creative and leader, and I unknowingly let my quiet nature get in my way for many years.

  • I chased accomplishments, achievements and “success” as a way to be seen.
  • I fell into people-pleasing and overwhelm because I couldn’t assert myself and simply say NO.
  • I paralyzed myself with inaction, always living in my head as while my seemingly more successful counterparts seemed to pass me by.
  • I constantly questioned who I was because I just didn’t seem to fit the proverbial mold.

And so much more, and as a result, I was dying on the inside (while I tried my best to present a fraudulent front on the outside).

But, I finally got to a point where I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I realized that while I couldn’t control the loud outside world, I did have control in one major way: control of myself. I had full control of my beliefs, my thoughts, my words and ultimately, my actions.

Once I took the time to learn about and embrace my personality, I put myself back in the driver’s seat to reclaim my personal power and thrive in my quiet strength. I did (and still continue to do) the hard work but now I live my truth, making the conscious decision to unapologetically do life on my terms.

I’m the mother of a sensitive soul as well. Like mother, like daughter, my oldest child is both an introvert and HSP. In helping her to recognize and ignite her own quiet power, my ten year old has gone from feeling like something is wrong with her (sound familiar?) to understanding and loving herself. To see her using her newfound self-knowledge to better manage herself further confirms that I’m doing the work that I was put on this earth to do.

My goal is to help other quiet souls like myself and my daughter to move pass the labels and self-limiting beliefs and thrive! It’ll be up to you to determine just what that means but I’m here to help because I know how it feels to feel “different”. I’m here to help you know yourself, embrace who you are and put your best foot forward in life!

A Few Cachet Factoids

  • I’m A Bridgeport, CT native
  • I’m a military spouse (Go, Air Force!).
  • I’m Mommy to 3 little girls whose names all start with S.
  • Love me some bacon and mint chocolate chip ice cream…not together! (Don’t judge me.)

So that’s my story. I’d love to hear yours! Schedule your complimentary consultation today so we can get to know each other better.