Are you ready to…

Move from stuck to unstuck?

Address and conquer your self-limiting beliefs?

Become the author of your story and write the next chapter?

Coaching Package Details:

  • FOCUS: Gaining a deeper understanding of how to use your introversion and/or your highly sensitive nature to your advantage
  • 9 sessions over 90 days (3 per month), approx. 45-60 minutes each
  • Action items to complete between sessions
  • Limited e-mail/text support between sessions

The Process:

  1. Complete and submit the Coaching Readiness Assessment so I can learn more about you, your goals, hopes and expectations for our time together. Hopefully in the process of completing this assessment, you’ll also learn a bit about yourself as well.
  2. Schedule your complimentary 20 minute consultation so we can connect and determine if we’re a coaching fit.
  3. If you’re ready to commit and proceed, submit your payment for your coaching session or package.
  4. Schedule your first coaching session.