Life Coach for High Achievers, Overachievers + Quiet Souls

Hello. I’m Cachet, a quiet soul and recovering perfectionist turned purposeful high achiever.

Like many of you, I’ve been a high achiever/overachiever for most of my life. As an introvert, achievement served as a way for me to be seen by others: the more I achieved, the more attention I got.

In my endless pursuit of external validation, however, I became caught up on the hamster wheel of aimless achievement, putting me in a constant state of frustration, overwhelm, burnout and stress. There were way too many times that I sacrificed my emotional and mental well-being by taking on too much, placating my Inner Critic and losing track of my personal WHY.

Once I realized how my need to achieve negatively impacted my life, I did the hard work to define success on my own terms and live a life of purposeful achievement. I also discovered and embraced a life beyond achievement, and now, I work with my fellow high achievers and overachievers to do the same.

I challenge you to honestly reflect on how your need to achieve (or possibly a lack thereof) has affected your life and well-being, and ask yourself if you identify with:

  • Achieving just for the sake of achievement?
  • Achieving to be seen or noticed (as I was once guilty of)?
  • An incessant need to take ALL the courses and earn ALL the degrees (or certifications) – which you may never complete or use?
  • The elusive quest for perfection?
  • A reluctance to ask for or seek out help because of how it may make you look?
  • An inability to be decisive for fear of “messing up” or making the “wrong” decision?
  • Being burned out, overwhelmed and stressed out from being “busy”?
  • Mental exhaustion from always presenting a polished, always-in-control front?
  • Being tortured by your own thoughts and negative self-talk?
  • Constantly comparing yourself with your counterparts?
  • Defining your self-worth by your work, accomplishments or title OR equating your net worth with your self-worth?
  • Feeling like a fraud, unfulfilled and/or lost despite your success?
  • Feeling misunderstood? Not good enough?
  • A simple desire to just be (and not do)?

If this is your truth and you’re thinking, “Ummm…This is SO me! Get outta my head!” … I’m here to help.

While I’m not really a mind reader, I know your story because I’ve lived it (and work every day not to fall back into the achievement trap). As someone who recognizes the pitfalls and trappings, let me guide you in navigating your success path with intention and help you focus more on your life beyond achievement.

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